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Gift your child a place in our

Our Programs are designed to Meet your child's unique needs


Pursuing a personalized and independent education through our distinctive Homeschooling program

Learners with Special Needs

Meeting their unique educational needs through our Individual Education Program

Online Schoolers

Receiving recognised school qualification from our assessments for their online school education

Learners Pursuing Special Interests

Pursuing their interests and passion while our open schooling program ensures they receive their schooling qualification

Learners with Therapeutic Needs

Achieving holistic development through distinctive therapeutic experiences at our Connected schools

Academically Challenged

Benefiting from remedial education to bridge the academic gaps through Credit Transfer, On Demand Examination, and Bridge Courses

Relocating Learners

Enabling Credit Transfer, Mid Year Entry, Lateral Entry to ensure education continuity

Alterative Schooling Learners

Receiving innovative education in non traditional ways with the help of our Open school qualification

Learners Taking Gap Years

Making self discovery count through guidance and valid certification



I can’t thank SASE enough for having their complete focus on my child’s requirements and putting her back into mainstream education. Today, she graduated from a prestigious college affiliated with Bangalore University.

Mrs. Manjit Kaur.
Class 12, 2018

The academic support was exceptional, if it weren't for SASE, my son wouldn't have not just been able to graduate but also not been able to work for reputed companies like Suvarna, Bangalore Mirror, Suddi TV, and News 9.

Mrs. Veena R
Parent of RITHVIK
Class 12, 2017

We, parents of Bhargav, have immense gratitude and respect for SASE. Our son went from being anxious to go to school to not being able to wait to attend classes now.

Mr. U Jayaram Moorthy and Mrs. D Vijaya Lakshmi
Parent of BHARGAV J
Class 12, 2014

Shashidhar Chiron

Shashidhar (Shashi) is the Founder and Chairman of New Shores International College and SASE. His progressive ideas and dedication towards education exceeds the “norm”.

Henrietta Hardy

Henny’s degree (History of Art) and interest in the Arts (Art World, Acting and Writing) have a strong influence on her teaching methods as she likes to merge academia with creativity.

Moya Caddy

Moya is a passionate educator with several years of experience in teaching, school admissions and community development. Moya oversees the education programmes at SASE with the view to make them accessible and personalised to each learner's needs.

Nikhil Ramesh

Nishita Israni

Nishita is a passionate educator who has had the privilege of teaching across India and Singapore in International Schools for the last 18 years.

Karthik Mahalingam

Karthik is a professional athlete who is currently part of the Karnataka State Hockey Team. He has represented Karnataka in the senior, U-20 Junior and Sub Junior National level hockey championships.

Charlotte Henriksen

Charlotte is a Marine Biologist (MSc) who specialises in coral conservation. She has vast experience in conducting surveys and teaching marine science.

Arpita Benjamin

Arpita has years of experience working with students in special education and expertise in working with neurodiverse students.

Kevin Fernandes

From studying at the Bangalore conservatory, traveling to different countries to observe teaching practice, and heading the performing arts department in Bangalore International School, Kevin Wilson has worked in music education for the past 20 years and is on a mission to make a paradigm shift in music education in India.

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