Special Needs Education

Every Child is Special

Inclusive Education

School can be stressful and overwhelming for children with disabilities, who may have trouble communicating and regulating their emotions or experience frustration from misunderstandings. With the help of our Special Education staff in our program, your child will be able to develop healthy social and regulatory skills while also gaining access to our multi-sensory curriculum.

Your child and family will both benefit from the support provided by our Special Needs Education Program, which is designed with consideration for individual needs. Here, we commit to acknowledging and appreciating each child's individuality and accepting all families while helping families establish their children as students. Our educators carefully consider students’ needs as they create interactive, engaging, and valuable learning tools. Your child will benefit from our support in developing adaptability, self-control, and communication skills as we collaborate with you and your family to set meaningful academic goals.

The goals of our Special Needs Education Program include enhancing learners' linguistic and communicative abilities, improving their capacity for focused attention, and promoting the growth of positive behavioural patterns. We employ a mix of structured and unstructured play based learning opportunities to encourage individuals to recognise and cultivate their unique gifts. We break down complex activities into small, manageable components that your child can apply in the real world. We accomplish this through positive reinforcement and individualised care for each student.

At SASE, we try to accommodate each learner's interests by providing them with opportunities to study topics that pique their curiosity. Individual intervention may be added and adapted to your child's specific needs as an added advantage. Therapists can use therapeutic approaches in class if needed, enabling your child to stay engaged and access the curriculum.

When it comes to your child's development of generalised skills, our behavioural team will deliberate and know when to interfere and when to let your child work independently. Our team is well-versed in the art of "fading in" and "fading out" of assistance to enable your child to reach their greatest potential for autonomy and satisfaction while at school.

One of the goals of our Individualised Education Program is to help our students learn how to adapt their social skills to different contexts. Some children may miss out on opportunities because they cannot generalise the abilities they have developed in a controlled setting to the wider world. A lack of social skills is a common contributor to the isolation many children with disabilities feel. The children in your child's classroom will offer opportunities for constructive social interaction. Their friends' support has a direct impact on their success. We can help provide the groundwork for your child to thrive in these scenarios and encourage more fruitful student-to-student relationships.

Relationship building has a favourable impact on children's learning opportunities, involvement, attitudes, and achievements. The SASE educators and staff are invested in your child's academic success. A child's triumph relies on the parent's and school's ability to work together as a team.

Our Special Needs Education department often hosts workshops for parents to equip families better to reinforce their child's learning at home. Parental engagement is essential to a high-quality educational program. In the process of raising children, parents are only one-half of the team. Often, other family members help with children's formal education, social and emotional growth, and cultural exposure. Students with disabilities may have trouble generalising knowledge to new contexts, tasks, or individuals. We teach parents how to encourage their children and inform them of the value of having meaningful interactions with individuals in various settings.

In our program, learners will be able to interact in high-quality learning opportunities with underlying skill acquisition in self-regulation, behaviour self-management, and social skill development. This, in turn, will build strengthened classroom engagement and cultivation of interpersonal relationships with peers, parents, and teachers. These benefits contribute to other long-term beneficial effects, such as a feeling of increased potential, a formative learning experience, and a desire to learn. We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions about the availability and qualifications associated with the Special Education Program.

SASE: A Comprehesive Inclusive School in Bangalore

At SASE, we understand that every child is unique, and therefore we believe in the accessibility of education to all. In our Special Needs Education Program, our students learn to celebrate their learning differences. The children’s development is aided by our team of qualified, passionate special educators who work hard to unlock every child’s potential. We have created a list to highlight areas of our program so that parents can choose if this is the right education route for their child:

  • For parents looking for expert special educators to work with their children.
  • For parents looking for support and recognition of their child’s individual needs.
  • For parents looking for a curriculum that engages multiple senses.
  • For parents who want their child to develop healthy social and self-control skills in a safe environment.
  • For parents who are looking for structured and unstructured learning opportunities for their child.
  • For parents looking for personalised education for their child.
  • For parents who want their child to learn self-control, behaviour management, and social skills while exploring different learning opportunities.