Message from

The Founder

Welcome to the System for Alternative Schooling and Education, a pioneering endeavour to revolutionise education from the ground up to empower learners, parents, educators, and schools. With the Posthumanist educational philosophy at our core, we strive to put meaning and relevance back into education. Posthumanism in education departs from the Anthropocene and moves humanity towards a more equitable and ethical world for humans, nature and technology alike.

Our current education needs to transform from the process of elimination to inclusion and empowerment, from rigidity to flexibility and personalisation, from traditional to progressive and from learner lead. We believe in education that opens the mind rather than conditioning it.

Our progressive education has been designed to nurture free and empowered minds. While our education at SASE is child-centric, the sphere of our understanding of child development happens via thoughtful interpretation of the ever-evolving world in which the child is going to thrive. So, our educational practices at SASE are built into consideration of the evolving realities of humankind.

We are a community that strives towards the higher purpose of making the world a better place through education, of the many alignments towards this, the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals find its place in our daily practices at the school.

We have designed our programs to make education possible for any learner who faces a challenge in mainstream education. With innovation, technology, and fully recognised qualifications, we are taking education to the last mile to help children continue their education.

Our team has brought these pioneering alternative education programs to fruition with five years of highly dedicated and sustained efforts to secure international accreditation and state statutory compliance.

We can build a better world only when communities become considerate, inclusive, and responsible towards those entities which don't have a voice. Building such communities should start with offering the benefits of these values to children who need them the most, and then they will become the force multipliers of these values. Hence all the programs at SASE are powered by Posthumanist educational philosophy.

"I welcome you to join the System for Alternative Schooling and Education in our journey to advance humanity and make the world a better place."

- Shashidhar Chiron