For Future NOW

Our school is anchored in Posthumanism educational philosophy, an idea that is relevant for now and the future, making us "a future school for now". Posthumanism is a philosophical stance on being good humans. Anthropocene has led this century to the most devastating and destructive impact on nature in history, and fast-emerging technologies have penetrated to influence human decisions disregarding ethical norms. We believe humans need to and can improve.

Experts have often criticised the traditional mechanised approaches to education for their little relevance to the challenges children face individually or collectively as societies or the human race as a whole. Traditional education, at the most, takes current industry requirements and prepares children for 'industry jobs' while the importance of future relevance of the education is ignored. Through our meaningful philosophy of Posthumanism, we aim to enable children to become well-educated minds who will in future create and shape equitable societies, conserve nature, innovate sustainable businesses, and create ethical technologies which will be the key challenges for survival of human race.

The World Economic Forum, of which our founder Shashidhar Chiron has been part and has been awarded as a Young Global Shaper, research on the future careers suggests that in the future, on average, today's children will have to change seven jobs in their lifetime. Out of those seven jobs, six jobs don't even exist today. So, educating the children for jobs that don't exist today requires us to re-frame education.

At SASE, we re-frame education for our children to unlock the best version of themselves through the power of nature and technology in harmony. They learn through pedagogies which are contextual and real-world simulations. Our curricula and pedagogies are tailored to inspire children to be curious and expressive, focusing on combining technology and nature for their learning. With our Posthumanism-centered education, as our children grow, they become the usherers of the future world, which includes shaping nature conservation and ethical technologies for future societies.


To usher a revolution in education towards shaping a posthumanist world with ethical consideration of ecology and technology for advancing human civilization.


  • Evangelize, enable, and empower educational systems to embrace the philosophy of Posthumanist Education.
  • Democratize education by empowering all stakeholders in education with autonomy to practice their preferred philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy through homeschooling and openschooling.
  • Unbundle the educational formats to make education flexible, inclusive, and accessible.
  • Welcome diversity of all kinds including the special learning needs of children.

We are bringing meaningful, progressive, flexible and inclusive education that doesn’t require your child to fit in, but to stand out, the education that meets your child's uniqueness. We are positively changing the world through new age learning by Posthumanist educational philosophy: an education that’s first of its kind in India and one the world needs NOW. Education programs which were earlier only available through NIOS in India, are now available with us under an American School Board through our new age programs of open schooling, homeschooling, bridge course, and drop out prevention.

Join us to gift your child a futuristic education that will help them blossom.