For Future NOW

Our school is anchored in the Post-humanist educational p[philosophy. An idea that is relevant for now and the future. Post-humanism is a philosophical stance on what it means to be human. As the dominant species on the planet, we have a moral obligation to steward and safeguard all other beings and systems on the planet. We believe humans can become better. At SASE, we re-frame education with this philosophy in mind. We want to herald the start of a post-humanist future in which humans include other creatures within our ethical framework. Our goal is that children in our school will unlock the best version of themselves through the power of nature and technology in harmony.

Our unique philosophy is specially tailored to allow children to be curious and expressive without missing out on key learning goals. We focus closely on nature and ecology, encouraging children from a young age to be empathetic to all creatures in the ecosystem.

We believe cutting-edge technology enhances the human experience and helps us proliferate skills, information and experience. It helps us be efficient with whatever goals we have. Children at SASE will use technology for good rather than in a passive, disconnected way.


- To usher a revolution in education towards shaping a post-humanist world with ethical consideration of ecology and technology for advancing human civilization.


- Evangelize, enable, and empower educational systems to embrace the philosophy of Post-humanist Education.

- Democratize education by empowering all stakeholders in education with autonomy to practice their preferred philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy.

- Unbundle the educational formats to make education flexible, inclusive, and accessible.