Karthik Mahalingam

Karthik Mahalingam

Karthik is a professional athlete who is currently part of the Karnataka State Hockey Team. He has represented Karnataka in the senior, U-20 Junior and Sub Junior National level hockey championships.

Karthik is a passionate coach and trains athletes from every field. He does not limit himself to just hockey but uses his expertise as a strength and conditioning coach to train sportsmen/women across the sports board. He has trained Footballers from Bengaluru FC, Kerala Blasters, Pune City FC and Hyderabad FC. He has coached Indian cricketers, state hockey players, athletes, army battalion teams, mixed martial artists and a Paralympic swimmer. 

Karthik’s vision is to improve people's unhealthy lifestyle and encourage them to move to a better, healthy and fulfilling life through fitness and sports.

With his enthusiasm, drive and passion, our Early Years children have a lot of fun in Karthik’s PE classes! It is one of the classes the children get most excited about!

For our older children who are passionate about sport and are looking to pursue a career in it, Karthik offers support in every aspect of their development. He encourages self-monitoring, performance reflection, and honest evaluation of physical and emotional well-being. He works with their professional coaches on their goals and makes sure their diet and nutrition requirements are met. He has a fundamental role to play in the students' progress within their sport and he strives to make their dreams come true.