Flexible and Inclusive

High School

Flexible and Inclusive High School

 Flexible and Inclusive High School Program 

At SASE, we hold a heartfelt belief that every child deserves equal opportunities to thrive and excel in their educational journey. Recognizing the unique needs and circumstances of each student, we understand that the conventional schooling system may not cater to everyone's individuality effectively. Differences in abilities, interests in professional sports or arts, career aspirations, and life situations should never impede a student's right to quality education.

That's why we proudly introduce our Flexible High School Program, spanning from grade 9 to grade 12. This innovative approach allows students to pursue their academic endeavors at their own pace and from any location, granting them the freedom to tailor their learning experience to suit their specific needs and goals. Through this flexibility, we empower students to take charge of their education, ensuring a successful path to high school completion.

We firmly believe that education should adapt to the student, not the other way around. Parents play a vital role in understanding their child's strengths and passions better than anyone else. With Flexible High Schooling, parents are empowered to support their children's educational journey, fostering autonomy, initiative, and a lifelong love for learning. Rather than being burdened with the pressure of being perfect educators, parents become nurturing guides, nurturing their child's growth and development.

It's important to note that our Flexible Schooling, in collaboration with Cognia NWAC, distinguishes itself from open schooling by maintaining the structure and standards of regular schooling while offering unparalleled learner agency and self-directed learning opportunities. We recognize that many students harbor passions beyond traditional academics, be it in sports, arts, technology, or entrepreneurship. Our program enables them to pursue these interests while ensuring they fulfill their academic requirements through grades 10 to 12.

Our Flexible High Schooling addresses the unique challenges students face in completing their schooling successfully. Upon completion of our program, all our students are  eligible to pursue higher education, including science-based degree programs such as MBBS, B.E, Tech etc, and are eligible for entrance examinations both in India and globally. While organizations like NIOS serve commendably by providing flexible education, the qualification of NIOS is statutorily Open School certificate which does not enable the students to pursue science based undergraduation in most of the universities and colleges in India. Unlike NIOS, our program ensures that students overcome hurdles and achieve their academic qualifications seamlessly, paving the way for future success.


1. Is it assured that my child will successfully finish high school at SASE?
Your child is assured to graduate from high school at SASE. The school provides dedicated support and employs a personalised approach to meet the unique needs of each student. As a result, your child will not only obtain a qualification upon leaving SASE but will also be well-prepared to pursue higher education, vocational training, or employment opportunities.
2. What is the fee per year?
High school fees begin at Rs 1,45,000, varying based on the specific programme you select for your child.
3. Which board is SASE affiliated to and which qualification will my child get upon completion of high school?
SASE is affiliated with CBSE and NWAC Cognia. We recommend NWAC Cognia curriculum for academically challenged children and children with special needs as the American education system has the option for personalising the curriculum and assessments based on the learner’s strengths and interests. Hence, it is better suitable for learners to undertake and pass the NWAC board exam stress-free and receive high school qualification from NWAC and continue education in a university in India or abroad.
4. What are the advantages of NWAC over NIOS?
The NWAC high school certificate is a fully recognised qualification in India, like CBSE, ICSE, and Cambridge board qualifications. Students with an NWAC high school qualification receive an equivalency certificate from the AIU, MHRD, Govt. of India. NWAC high school certificate is eligible for higher education in all the universities in India. Students at NWAC can transit to and from any other boards in India, such as Cambridge, IB, CBSE, ICSE, and State boards at any grade. Essentially, the NWAC High School certificate is comprehensively recognised by all the statutory bodies and equally recognised as CBSE, ICSE, and state boards' qualifications. Globally, NWAC qualification has seamless acceptance in more than 160 countries.
5. What is the recognition of NWAC American high school qualification?    
The NWAC high school certificate is an internationally accredited and globally recognised American qualification. In India, a student with an NWAC high school qualification receives an equivalency certificate from the AIU, and this is accepted for higher education in all the universities in India. Students at NWAC can transit to and from other boards in India such as Cambridge, IB, CBSE, ICSE, State boards at any grade. Essentially, the NWAC High School certificate is comprehensively recognised by all statutory bodies and enjoys equal recognition as CBSE, ICSE and state boards qualifications. Globally, NWAC qualification has seamless acceptance without any need for equivalency.
6. What is the application procedure or steps for applying?
You can contact our admission counsellor at SASE via (91) 88008-83871 or connect@sasae.edu.in , and they will guide you through the process. Students and parents can either apply in person at our campus or online.
7. What if my child experiences academic challenges or encounters difficulties during their examinations?
Our committed Special Educational Needs (SEN) educators will guarantee that they pass the examination. SASE has had 100% successful pass rate so far in the high school exam.
8. Will my child get any guidance from SASE after they have received their qualification?
We are committed to providing ongoing support to our students even after they have received their qualifications—application guidance to the university admissions. Our support extends to applying for and receiving AIU equivalency certificate and other documents they may need to further their education at the university level.

At SASE, we want to extend the opportunity for education to people living in remote regions and improve education for everyone. In the future, we hope to expand this to secondary education as well, giving remote-dwelling citizens a chance to earn a university degree. With Open Schooling in Bangalore, SASE offers an efficient, accessible education model that can equip people with employable skills and the confidence to advance their careers or start their own businesses.

Our Open Schooling: Serving a Wide Range of Learners

Our Bangalore Open Schooling program enables education to a variety of new-age learners. We have mentioned a few categories below to make it easier for parents and children to understand who can benefit the most from our Open Schooling program:

  • For students who want to pursue their education remotely at a flexible pace.
  • For students who want to take control of their education journey.
  • For students who are struggling to cope in a traditional school or NIOS National Institute of Open Schooling due to various learning difficulties.
  • For students who have a special interest and passion, find it hard to fit in with a traditional or NIOS school routine.
  • For students who want to get a degree in a vocational field, and find it hard to finish it in a traditional college schedule.
  • For students who need to travel often but don’t want to interrupt their learning due to location changes.