Our Ethos

Our Building Blocks

Our Ethos

Our Building Blocks

Our Ethos

Our Building Blocks

At SASE, our philosophy permeates through everything we do. We strive to build a system of education that is better for everyone, focused on child learning, and committed to improving our community. That is why we believe in the following ethos.

Read on to see why the System for Alternative Schooling and Education is different!

We believe in education that is meaningful and authentic

Meaningful education is our purpose. SASE was created to offer a blueprint for the direction our world must take and an alternative to the outdated, inadequate educational approaches in India. In the last few decades, we have seen a whole new set of problems in our world. Education should prepare our children for challenges like climate change, cutting-edge technology, sustainable living, and renewable energy, and education must have relevance and adaptability.

We also keenly follow the most recent educational research and base our strategies on the experts' recommendations. We are committed to giving children a robust, meaningful education whilst nurturing their unique gifts and interests.

We believe in educating the whole child

We believe in educating the whole child, and while academics are vital, they should not be the only focus. As vital as encouraging academic success is supporting children's emotional, physical, creative, technical, and spiritual growth, we adopt a comprehensive strategy, preparing children not just for exams but for life.

We believe in a non-commercial approach to education

Our school is not a business. It is a non-profit and a way of life we want to promote and encourage. We will always make financial decisions that are in the best interest of our students. We will never waste money on resources that will not directly impact the student experience and further our philosophical commitment to sustainability.

We believe that children learn best in an intimate, unhurried environment

We firmly think that children learn best in a small, relaxed setting. Countless studies have demonstrated the detrimental effects of big class sizes and the constant pressure to perform well on exams placed on young students, who then become stressed and lose interest in learning. Therefore, we foster a calm environment where children in small classes learn at a rate that suits their developmental requirements.

We believe that children thrive when they have clear boundaries

We think that having clear boundaries helps children grow and develop - being compassionate does not imply being permissive. Learning requires a safe, structured environment with predictable daily routines. We uphold behavioural standards to the highest level while caring for the children's individuation.

We believe that when we are open-minded and open-hearted, we perform at our best

We recognise the enormous value that people with various experiences and opinions can bring to our community and accept them because we are fortunate to be situated in a truly global city with residents of a wide range of races and origins.

We believe that we are stronger together

Our community is our greatest asset. We believe that when we work together, we are stronger. We are building a school for the future that serves the needs of our children and together, we are setting our own trajectory with each choice we make. We warmly invite people to join us who also have a passion for reimagining what a school and its education can be.

We believe in fairness and respect

We value respect and justice in addition to being inclusive and non-discriminatory. Everyone - students, teachers, staff members, and volunteers, will be treated with respect at SASE. We are all on a learning journey, and travelling together is more enjoyable!

Being fair is something we value. So even though law and justice in our community may not look how we would like them to, we educate our children to be aware of their rights and what they believe in and to fight for them from an early age.

We believe in Non-discrimination and Inclusive education

We believe that every child has an equal right to a good education. We do not discriminate against incoming students based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, family background, learning needs, learning history or political choices. We believe our student demographic makeup should be a realistic portrayal of our community. This way, we can model how a diverse community can learn to live and work together in harmony.

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for every learner. We know that every child develops and learns in different ways and at different rates. SASE respects differences in student learning styles and strives to meet their learning needs with specialised learning experiences and scaffolding. Our educators are experienced in differentiating instruction and diversifying their approach to ensure every learner is challenged and celebrated.

We believe in honesty and confidentiality

We highly value honesty and confidentiality. We will never hide information or give partial truths about your student's learning experience or incidents that may occur at school. We believe parents, teachers and staff should work together as a team to ensure children grow and develop into conscientious people. For this reason, we are committed to relationships based on honesty and regular communication.

We also value your privacy. No information about your child will be shared with anyone else. Your data will be kept private, and your child’s progress reports are only shared between you, your child's teacher and the principal.

Students work may be visible to other parents in your child's cohort during open-house events, volunteer events, or other displays for celebration or assessment periods. We ask that parents maintain perspective when considering their child's progress against others. Learning journeys are not competitive, and children do not benefit from being compared to one another. Every child is a unique individual and a unique learner. Therefore, we ask parents to help us maintain confidentiality and privacy as they develop friendships, chat groups, and share photos and videos. We are all in this together to celebrate our children!

We are bringing meaningful, progressive, flexible and inclusive education that doesn’t require your child to fit in, but to stand out; the education that meets your child's uniqueness. We are positively changing the world through new age learning and Posthumanist educational philosophy: an education that’s first of its kind in India and one the world needs NOW.

Join us to gift your child a futuristic education that will help them blossom.