Recognition of our Bridge Course

Recognition for our Bridge Course

SASE offers Bridge Courses for 10th, 11th, 12th standard learners. Our Bridge Course certificate is issued by NWAC Board in India. To help parents understand the comprehensive recognition of our Bridge Course, we have listed below notes on each the recognition.

Through an order dated 19 April 2018, the Karnataka Higher Education Council – the body vested with powers to recognise international qualifications in Karnataka has directed all the public and private universities in the state to accept the NWAC American High School Diploma as equivalent to 2nd PUC board for undergraduate admissions.

NIOS has acknowledged recognition of NWAC qualifications vide letter F.No.21.53/2012/NIOS/SSS/ADM dated 25 Sep 2018. This means the students having studied under NWAC open schooling system can seamlessly progress or transfer to and from NIOS.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi, the National Board under the control of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, through the letter No. CBSE/Coord/SO.MS/2019/2783 dated February 20, 2019 recognizes the educational qualifications of NWAC. The notice is available @ CBSE By-laws.

Students completing High School Diploma from schools accredited by NWAC are granted EQUIVALENCE by the AIU. Association of Indian Universities, AIU, Ministry of Education, Government of India, is the mandated Central Government authority entrusted with the responsibility to provide recognition and equivalence to all foreign qualifications in India.

Global Recognition

Students graduating with NWAC American High School Diploma through our Open Schooling and Homeschooling in India enjoy the global acceptance of their qualifications in more than 160 countries. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education have accorded study abroad endorsement for students with NWAC American High School Diploma.