Healing Horses


Healing Horses is a non-profit organization aimed to provide therapy for people with disabilities of all ages, through the unique practice of Therapeutic Riding.

Those who have experience with horses can tell you that being in a barn grooming, feeding and caring for horses helps relieve stress.

Equine therapy can be a powerful way to assist those with special needs to become the best version of themselves. It requires people to be calm, centered, focused, and fully engaged. Horses can teach mindfulness, which can help the children observe their momentary thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and sensations. This mindfulness helps them to tolerate stress.

The horses also benefit people who struggle with impulse control and emotional regulation. The need to communicate with a horse calmly promotes emotional awareness, emotion regulation, self-control, and impulse control. It’s effective in reducing irritability, agitation, and impulsivity.

Healing Horses allows our children to participate in “feet on the ground” interactions with horses as well as physically riding them. With the guidance and support of the team at Healing Horses, the children develop many skills as well as having a wonderful time!