Authentic Learning

For real world challenges

Authentic Learning

For real world challenges

Authentic Learning

Fostering Creativity

"Authentic learning is the essential setting that education requires to move towards sustainable, meaningful, relevant learning in the 21st Century. It’s not the latest strategic vessel to explore education’s ocean - authentic learning is the ocean."
- Steve Remington, Global Teacher Prize Winner.

Education for real life

We believe the most valuable gift we can give our children is an innate curiosity and love for learning. In an ever-changing world, the only certainty is uncertainty; the skills we learn today may become obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, our focus is on equipping children to thrive whatever happens by imbuing them with the skills, resilience and desire to learn throughout their lives.

We believe in following children’s natural curiosity rather than a set curriculum. Therefore, our curriculum is fluid and aims to develop the whole child and open the mind. We take great care to create the right environment, programmes and curriculum to suit children’s developmental needs at each age authentically. At SASE, we have designed our approach to education after research-based best practices of authentic learning.

Our approaches are relevant, authentic, and scientifically backed, often surpassing the curriculum and assessment standards. These are implemented to ensure the education and experience the learners undergo are the best available to the world from educational research communities across the globe.

Authentic learning

Our educators teach for ‘real life’, making learning authentic for the children at school. This approach allows our children to engage in the meaningful construction of concepts and relationships in contexts that are relevant to the learners and their communities. Connecting learning to real-world issues and problems is at the core of our authentic learning. Our students are encouraged to engage in meaningful activities and actively think about their learning rather than merely following the teacher-led - memorising - regurgitating approach. Our authentic learning approach encourages a higher-order level of thinking, such as creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving among learners.

Additionally, authentic learning fosters intrinsic motivation in the learners fostering long-term self-direct learning capabilities. Building an attitude of can do. Authentic learning results in an improved attitude towards learning accelerated learning, reflection and self-assessment.

Comprehensive assessments

To ensure the learning efficacy of the children is optimal: our assessments are designed to be comprehensive, feedback-based learning and take the child’s development outside the school because success in school does not necessarily equate to success in the real world. In addition, our educators collaborate closely with parents to ensure that best practices are used at home as well.

We employ the best technological resources to ensure seamless, timely communication and data are used to help our children grow in a balanced manner. We believe we share the responsibility of helping a child learn and grow in the real world, and so we support parents with the knowledge and tools to help meet their child’s learning needs at home and school.

Authentic assessments and accountability

Assessment means so much more than grading. SASE is committed to changing the way assessment looks. We assess students for the purpose of helping them on their learning journey. We will never create unrealistic or untrue reports to please a student or parent. Assessments are not meant to be a reward; they are data we use to help students grow and learn. They will be used not only by teachers but by students as well. As much as possible, we want to teach students to self-assess, reflect and thus take ownership of their learning progress. When students develop meta-cognition, they are truly free agents of their own learning process; what more meaningful way to evaluate and make goals than by having a teacher give a grade? This is why we will always keep ourselves accountable for authentic assessment practices.

We are bringing meaningful, progressive, flexible, and inclusive education that doesn't require your child to fit in, but to stand out, the education that meets your child's uniqueness. We are positively changing the world through new age learning by Posthumanism education philosophy: an education that's first of its kind in India and one the world needs NOW.

Alternative education programs, which were earlier only available through NIOS in India, are now available with us under Cognia NWAC Board. They are offered through Open Schooling, Homeschooling, and Bridge Course(Drop Out Prevention). Our On-Campus programs have the options of CBSE or NWAC to choose from.

Join us to gift your child a futuristic education that will help them blossom beautifully in their own way.