Our new age schooling system recognition is vetted by the Hon'ble Karnataka High Court

Karnataka High Court

Innovation in education, especially in alternative education and qualification, has always seen scepticism by a specific traditional institution. Unaware of SASE’s due diligence, legal compliance, accreditation for its open schooling, credit transfer, and dropout prevention, a few higher education institutions were not ready to treat open schooling and credit transfer students as regular schooled students for the undergraduate degree.

In three separate Writ Petitions filed in the Honourable High Court of Karnataka in the years 2017 and 2018, and 2019 by 142 students completing the NWAC American High School Diploma under SASE Open Schooling system and by System for Alternative Schooling and Education as an institution, respectively, on all three occasions, the Honourable High Court has upheld the recognition of NWAC Open Schooling qualification offered at SASE. The Honourable High Court, in its orders, has directed the higher education institution and universities to treat the Open Schooling qualifications issued by the NWAC board at System for Alternative Schooling and Education as equivalent to 2nd PU/12th standard and grant admissions to undergraduate degrees due to its comprehensive recognition from the relevant state and central government authorities.

The Honourable High Court of Karnataka orders further validate the recognition and the novel intent of the Open Schooling, Dropout Prevention, and Credit Transfer Scheme offered by SASE and NWAC. This also strengthened the seamlessness of our students’ progression into government and private higher education institutions.