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We have several educational programs to choose from and also the option to combine elements from different programs to create a personalised education plan that best suits your child's potential and dreams.

1. Pre School

For children between the ages of 2 to 6 years - with Play based apparatus and the best of other approaches from Waldorf, , Montessori, Dewey, J Krishnamurti, and Reggio.

2. Pre School with Inclusive Education 

Inclusive of interventions and Individualised Education Program for children with special needs.

3. Progressive Schooling

From grade 1 to 12 (affiliated with CBSE or Cognia NWAC American Curriculum),anchored in futuristic Post-humanism education philosophy.

4. Progressive Schooling with inclusivity for children with special needs

From grade 1 to 12 (affiliated with CBSE or Cognia NWAC American Curriculum).

5. Progressive High Schooling
From grade 9 to 12 (affiliated with CBSE or Cognia NWAC American Curriculum).

6.Flexible and Inclusive High Schooling

From grade 9 to 12 with Credit Transfer/Bridge Course/Part Time/Full Time/Flexible Schedule offered to diverse students (from PU Board or Cognia NWAC board)


1. Call the Admissions Office to visit the school. 

We welcome parents and children to visit our beautiful school to start the admissions procedure. Valuing parents' and our counsellor's time, we would like to receive a filled school visit form and evaluate the fitment through the assessment of views shared in the form sent by parents. Parents can obtain a School Visit Form by calling the AO on (91) 88008-83871 . An invitation with an appointment is sent to parents to visit our beautiful school and understand our philosophy. 

2. Apply

If Parents would like to continue with the admission process, they are required to submit the completed Admission Form (provided by the admissions counsellor).

3. Observations session and interview

Upon submission of the application form, your child will be invited for an observation session (Early Years Progressive Schooling only) and subsequently the parents will have an interview  with the Head of the Admissions. Admission will be considered after the observation and an interview with parents.

4. Notification of admission

SASE will notify you on your application status about one week after the observation session and interview.

5. Application acceptance

Once your application is accepted, the Admissions Office will send you an acceptance mail and our Finance Department will send you an invoice for a registration fee to hold your child’s seat. Parents required to submit all the remaining documents. 

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Phone: (91) 88008-83871

We appreciate your interest in SASE!

Our learners, educators, support staff, and parents come from all walks of life at SASE. We hire passionate people from various life experiences, not just because it's the right thing to do but because it makes us stronger. Valuing diversity, equity and inclusion matters are necessary for us to actualise our mission and truly impact the children we serve.

Our recruitment process strives to ensure the physical, social, and emotional well-being of all everybody in the community. We take pride in recruiting professional educators who understand our philosophy and are committed and supportive of our vision and mission.

Positions open; Speech Therapist and Primary Years Educators.

If you are excited to work with us and don't find the relevant position above, you can still send your updated CV to us at, and we will consider your CV for future requirements.

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