2nd PU failed? Here's Your Path to Success

In the words of Albert Einstein, 'Everybody is agenius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will liveits whole life believing that it is stupid.' This resonates deeply, especiallyfor those who may have faced setbacks in their academic journey.We understand that not all students thrive intraditional educational settings, and standardised exams may not accuratelyreflect their true potential. For various reasons, it's disheartening to seeexceptionally talented individuals stumble in board exams. But let's be clear:failing an exam doesn't define one's intelligence or potential. Everyonedeserves a chance to succeed and access quality education, regardless of pastsetbacks.

Bridge Course Program

Impacting millions of students globally

That's why we launched the 'Bridge Course Program' in 2017, aimed at providing a lifeline to 2nd PUC/12th incomplete students. Our goal is simple: to empower students to complete their 2nd PU/12thstandard qualification and pave the way for pursuing undergraduate programs atany university of their choice. Since its inception, our program has been abeacon of hope for over 5800 students, helping them overcome exam failureswithout losing a precious year.Through System for Alternative Schooling andEducation (SASE), we offer a comprehensive 'Bridge Course' and 'Credit TransferScheme' to complete the 12th standard qualification under the esteemedNorthwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). NWAC, a renowned accrediting agencyestablished in 1917 by the Federal Government of the United States, holds aprestigious reputation for accrediting schools worldwide. Their accreditationis trusted by over 40,000 schools across 80+ countries, impacting millions of studentsglobally.

It's crucial to note that SASE is the soleauthorised institution by COGNIA NWAC and the Government of Karnataka to offerBridge Courses for 2nd PUC/10th/11th incomplete students in the state. Your academic journey doesn't end with asetback. It's merely a detour on the path to success. With our Bridge CourseProgram, you have the opportunity to rewrite your story and achieve yourdreams.