Kevin Wilson

From studying at the Bangalore conservatory, traveling to different countries to observe teaching practice, and heading the performing arts department in Bangalore International School, Kevin Wilson has worked in music education for the past 20 years and is on a mission to make a paradigm shift in music education in India.

Content with his rather traditional education, Kevin was completely amazed to learn about innovative teaching practices when he visited a school in New Zealand in 2013. This was his first exposure to a specialized pedagogy, which he later discovered was called "the Orff Approach”. After that experience, he regularly added to his pedagogical repertoire by imbibing the best approaches and enhancing both his abilities as a musician as well as a music instructor. This has been a rewarding journey for Kevin, one that has changed his life as a musician, a teacher, and a lifelong learner. Above all, the phenomenal impact that this has had on his students is the fuel that constantly feeds his desire to do more.

Having witnessed the transformation that a truly intentional and creative approach can bring, Kevin can see the need for upgrading music education in India. Founding Tāla Education is one-step toward bridging this big gap.