Freedom to Educate

Home Schooling
"Kuvempu, regarded as one of the greatest Kannada literary masters of the twentieth century, was homeschooled in his formative years- a period when children develop semantics."

A growing number of parents think the standard school structure does not offer enough room for the range of personalities, interests and learning styles that children have. They believe that the current system is straitjacketed, stifles the natural trajectory of children’s development, and stunts their creativity. Homeschooling often presents the best option for parents seeking an educational experience for their children that is personal, flexible and customised. However, these parents face an uphill task of finding the support they need to make homeschooling a viable option. This is because, in addition to resistance from conventional education systems, very few organisations offer full-fledged educational support for homeschoolers in India.

SASE is India’s only and fully accredited alternative school affiliated with Cognia-NWAC and recognised by the Government of Karnataka. We are authorised to offer qualification from 1st to 12th grade from Cognia NWAC through Homeschooling. The fact of it being recognised by the Indian government and also having acceptance internationally means that homeschoolers who are educated using our programmes can transition seamlessly into all schools affiliated with recognised boards such as CBSE, NIOS, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, and other state boards in India.

SASE’s homeschooling policies and programs represent the most complete homeschooling framework currently available in India. Here’s why:

Parent needs oriented

  • This program is robust enough to accommodate every parent and child’s educational preference.
  • It gives parents the opportunity to be more integrated into their children's everyday educational experiences with decision-making and instruction style.
  • Parents are given a multidimensional assessment choice so that the way assessment is done matches their educational beliefs.
  • SASE provides comprehensive academic support and clear curriculum guidelines with checkpoints for parents to educate their children at home in their choice of educational philosophy and pedagogy.
  • We provide qualified educational/Special Ed experts to guide you and your child through the journey of learning and capacity building for parents to become the best homeschoolers.

Learner centric

  • SASE promotes the learner agency-based approach for voice, choice, and ownership of learning.
  • SASE provides comprehensive assessment for/as/of learning.
  • Our personalised after-school programmes promote holistic development.
  • We have a beautiful campus where children have access to world-class learning resources - Maker Space, computer lab, spatial intelligence lab, business lab, library and the STEAM labs for uncompromising experiential learning.
  • We offer community-based socio/emotional development programmes and interventions for those in need.
  • SASE provides remote assessments to cater to children unable to connect to the physical campus.
  • With progressive preparation from middle school, we ensure stress-free learner success in the board examinations.
  • Every learner has access to Discovery Education, who provide comprehensive educational content which aligns with the curriculum.

Inclusive education

  • At SASE, we take pride in our culture that celebrates inclusivity in all aspects. We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn.
  • SASE offers an Inclusive programme led by a team of highly qualified, licensed, passionate and experienced special educators.
  • To provide the best resources, every child with special needs has access to our qualified special educators and our experts from our partner institutions such as Cadabams, Tala and Sevita.
  • Our special educators use technology and neuroscientific learning aids to enable each child to reach their learning potential.
  • We offer curriculum-integrated after-school therapies and developmental activities at our connected school for holistic development.
  • We have a team of dedicated occupational therapists on hand to provide individualised treatment plans and strengths-based approach services for students needing occupational therapy.
  • SASE provides remediations that sometimes involve therapeutic measures and/or intensive interventions and treatments meant to reduce or eliminate different challenges.
  • At SASE, we offer individualised formative and summative assessments with global special needs standards to meet learners' individual needs.

Community connected

  • SASE is connected to a school campus which has space to curate cultural artefacts, workshops and events which everyone in the community can benefit from.
  • Each child is provided with a mentor for the purpose of connecting the child, the teacher and the parents.
  • SASE believes in the mixed age group ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach to enhance our learners' community experience.
  • At SASE, we facilitate mobile learning through field trips, excursions and particular project-based work. This is where the deep integration of learning connects with people and places.
  • We offer community-based socio/emotional development programmes and interventions for those in need.
  • Every parent and child has access to a close-knit, connected community (online and offline) for mutual support.

Continuous support

With SASE homeschooling programs, parents and children continue to receive support even when they move to another locality. This is because SASE employs technology to deliver the resources parents need, regardless of where they are in the world. Parents are assured of round-the-clock access to resources for assessment, online peer support and instructional materials. The children also receive needed support to integrate into new social groups to keep them emotionally balanced.

Our Homeschooling Program caters to various groups and the unique needs of new-age learners. To help parents and students to determine who would benefit the most from our program, we have listed a few categories below:

  • For parents who want to break away from the “traditional” education system.
  • For parents who have their own educational philosophy and teaching methods.
  • For parents who want a personalized, flexible, and customized education for their child.
  • For parents who want greater control and responsibility over what their child is learning.
  • For parents who want their child to follow the learner agency-based approach for voice, choice, and ownership of learning.
  • For parents that want to educate their child in their own way but still want their child to receive a globally recognized international qualification.
  • For parents who want flexible and customized assessments for their child.