Early Years Program: Montessori Preschool

Play with Purpose

Early Years Program
"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn."
- O. Fred Donaldson

At SASE, we believe in the power of play. We believe in this because developmental sciences have compelling evidence that young children love learning through play. Children have an innate spirit to create, inquire, problem-solve and engage with the natural world.

Our Preschool Education is Designed to Give Your Child the Best Start in Learning

So, our Early Years Program (EYP) creatively adapts philosophies from Montessori, Waldorf, J Krishnamurti and Reggio through play-based pedagogies. Our multi-age EYP groups encourage diverse relationships and robust social and emotional exploration for children. We understand children’s needs to develop independence, confidence and security. Our curated team of passionate educators are co-explorers with our young children, helping them along their learning journey rather than dictating what they should know and do. Our educators and staff in the preschool model positive relationship-building, kindness and cooperation so that our learner groups thrive in a safe, loving, and positive environment.

Our educators use the Early Years Foundation Stage's (EYFS) criteria for assessment from Birth to five years, which outlines education and developmental growth standards. We have a collaborative approach with parents to facilitate children's wholistic development in and out of the school. How a child grows outside the school is equally important to us as their growth inside the school. We exchange developmental metrics with the parents, so they become active partners in their child's growth.

At SASE, nature is a critical aspect of learning. Humans are evolutionarily meant to learn, grow, and thrive in nature. The school offers a natural, nurturing, caring environment rich with challenge and encouragement. Our close-to-nature learning environment is part of our Learning Programme. We aim to get our young learners out in nature at least 40% of their time with us. Nature provides rich learning opportunities and experiences and the chance to connect with the most precious aspects of our world. Children will understand physical and biological phenomena by experiencing them first-hand and creating their own interpretations and meaning. Exploring the natural world with friends provides children with a sense of wonder, joy and purpose. We assist this growth through play and strive to be enablers for each child's wholistic development, to provide support and make the early years happy and meaningful.

The First Preschool in Bangalore With Spatial Intelligence Approach

The importance of spatial intelligence is emphasised in a special way in the SASE Early Years Program. Educational Neuroscience shows that stimulation of spatial intelligence during the early years is important in developing mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The evidence supports that spatial training is highly beneficial to young children, as it has been proven to increase expertise and performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics later in life.

Our Spatial Intelligence Lab amplifies learning of concepts like spatial scaling, spatial visualisations, form perception, pattern construction, and more to enable our young learners to develop their spatial skills. In addition, the activities are designed to be fun and interactive ways for the children to develop their linguistic and mathematical abilities via play.

The developmental research affirms that children need a wide variety of sensory-motor experiences to develop to their full potential. For this reason, SASE is purpose-built to help young learners engage in inquiry and play! Our Montessori preschool in Bangalore features a dedicated greenhouse, where children can grow fruits and vegetables, a fully equipped kitchen for role play and safe food preparation, a treehouse, and much more. Because children need to explore with all of their senses, we also have a mud pit, sandpit and a range of play equipment. At SASE, the environment plays a significant role in the education of our youngest learners.

We believe that play-based inquiry and the constructivist learning approach are important as they develop individuation and a love for learning and discovery. Culminating these practices best suits the needs of our children so that they become lifelong learners. Children are encouraged to construct their own meaning and express their understanding in various ways, as there are multiple types of learners and learning styles. When children’s learning styles and modes of expression are respected and encouraged, their confidence grows. We seek to develop learners who seek intrinsic rewards- for whom personal development is the best reward.

Early childhood is a special time in your child's life. The impact of experiences during this time lay the foundations for all learning and development later in life. SASE EY is designed to bolster experiences of exploration, learning, and positive relationships through meaningful play with their friends, the natural world, technology, and the local community. We welcome you to visit our campus and explore our EYP for your child’s education.

Our Pre school Program: Setting the Foundation for Lifelong Learning

The early years are a critical period of growth and development in a child's lifetime. The foundations of all learning are laid during these years. Our Early Years Program facilitates children's wholistic development in a fun and beautiful way so that our learners s early years are happy and meaningful. Here, we have listed some key aspects of our programme:

  • A program that creatively adapts philosophies from Montessori, Waldorf, J Krishnamurti, and Reggio through play-based learning methods. 
  • A program that works with parents to help children develop holistically, both inside and outside of school.
  • A program that encourages spending at least 40% of the time in nature for our young learners.
  • A program that follows a constructivist approach where our passionate educators and children learn together as co-explorers.
  • A program that follows the EYFS criteria for assessment.

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