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Drop Out Prevention

Education is a process in which students develop mind, character and body. We believe students should feel comfortable in this process- free to take risks, be creative and experiment, and not be afraid to fail. Students who spend their time feeling fearful will not be able to engage deeply and honestly with the work of learning. We believe students must feel free to express themselves and that it is ok to fail sometimes. Students will be able to do this because there is a safety net at our school- the SASE Dropout Prevention program.

SASE’s Dropout Prevention program aims at keeping students engaged in their education journey. It does this by remedying any learning and qualification gaps that might keep learners from moving to the next grade. This way, getting back into their learning journey is seamless, even if students fail an exam or don’t understand some material. The Dropout Prevention program is essential for allowing students to be themselves and learn at their pace. We are able to deliver this prevention program through the government-approved Credit Transfer Scheme and Bridge Course. SASE is the only authorized school in Karnataka to offer the Dropout Prevention program in affiliation with NWAC Board.

The SASE Dropout Prevention Program aims to bridge gaps in the school system that lead to the high dropout rate of students in years K-12. Many students who drop out of school wish to return, but there is currently no easy system by which they can re-integrate. This leaves many capable young people without the qualifications needed to enter the workforce or get into university.

Children spend a great deal of time and effort developing their skills in school. There are a variety of reasons why a student may need to pause their learning journey for some time. Parents may face a financial burden, move overseas, or there might be health problems that interrupt a student’s schooling. The risk of receiving no credit for their hard work and skills development is an enormous burden and one that no child should have to bear. Students who are willing to complete their education need a system by which they can re-enter school where they left off and receive the credentials they deserve. Children want to learn. Why should we make it hard for them to do so? Students need skills to enter the workforce or continue their education, and we should make it easy for them to gain those skills.

SASE, in affiliation with NWAC American High School Diploma Program, provides an opportunity for students to return to school, complete their formal education, and earn an internationally recognized one at the same time. This NWAC program also caters to students who, although they finished their schooling, could not make the required passing grades.

This program has particularly benefited at-risk learners from grade 6 to grade 12 facing credit deficits or failed subjects in board exams, especially the 10th and 12th graders. In the program, students are encouraged, coached, and mentored to successfully retake the credits of subjects through a Bridge Course so that they can move on to their next level of education. What a relief!

The Drop-out Prevention Program is the main focus of SASE’s Mission in the state of Karnataka. The SASE has partnered with the National Dropout Prevention Center, USA, and Successful Practices Network to open access to resources that will significantly impact our programs' success.

Students who complete the Bridge Course in a well-timed manner, and ensure that they achieve the required credits in the board examination, can progress to higher education in the same academic year. This is a significant advantage for at-risk learners as it saves a precious year of their learning journey, keeping students in the regular flow of learning.

Progression to undergraduate courses

The purpose of the Dropout Prevention Program is to ensure that at-risk learners successfully progress to become skilled, competent graduates. With their qualification, they can enter the workforce or go to university to continue their education. With this goal in mind, SASE has partnered with New Shores International College to facilitate admission to undergraduate degree courses at Bangalore University.

Beware of unauthorized programs!

Students are strongly advised to beware of illegitimate Bridge courses and 12th standard qualification offers by unrecognized entities, diploma mills, and individuals. Only NIOS and NWAC boards are currently authorized to conduct Credit Transfer and Bridge Course programs in India. Students must verify the claims/offers for Bridge courses from the original COBSE website www.cobse.in In Karnataka, System for Alternative Schooling and Education is the only school authorized to offer Bridge courses in affiliation with the NWAC board under the open schooling format.

Several gullible students have fallen prey to fake certificates in the name of 12th standard qualification from random boards, and we advise students to be cautious of these

Please click here to learn more on the recognition of SASE’s Dropout Prevention Program under Open Schooling.

Encourage at-risk learners not to give up on education: we are here to give them another chance to succeed in academics and help them save a year; together, we can inspire them to believe in themselves and make a comeback in education. Call SASE (91) 88008-83871

Our Drop Out Prevention Program is India's first alternative to NIOS 10th grade(secondary) and 12th grade(senior secondary) qualification, supported by National Drop Out Prevention Center, USA. Designed to help learners who want to return to mainstream education and continue to higher education. This program suits a wide range of learners, yet we  identify the following group of learners as the ideal candidates who can benefit from its unique features:

  • Students who are facing challenges in board exams such as Senior Secondary failed, II PU failed, IGCSE A Levels or O Levels exam failed.
  • Our Drop Out Prevention Program helps students not be left behind their peers because of board exam failure, and pass their board exam through our DPOP and then progress to higher education without losing a year.
  • For students who have missed appearing in their board exams but don’t want to miss a year.
  • For students who have discontinued their education and are unable to study further.
  • For students who need to complete their formal education and earn an international qualification.