10th/11th/12th grade

Made easy for SEN learners

10th/11th/12th Grade Qualifications

At SASE, we recognise the importance of qualifications for high school students with special needs. We believe that every academically challenged student, regardless of their unique abilities, deserves the support to achieve the certificate of 10th/11th/12th standard that empowers them to progress to vocational training or to further develop employability skills. With a focus on qualification-based learning, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional path to achieve a 10th/11th/12th-grade certificate from American Board Cognia NWAC. NWAC Board is the most widely recognised International board in India and across the world. You can learn more about the recognition of qualifications here

Why are qualifications so vital for high school students with special needs?

Here are a few reasons:

Empowering Independence : Qualifications equip students to become self-reliant individuals. By setting clear learning objectives and benchmarks, we foster a sense of accomplishment and enable students to pursue higher education or gain meaningful employment.

Building Self-Confidence: Achieving qualifications helps students develop a strong sense of self-confidence. As they acquire new knowledge and skills, they gain the belief that they can overcome challenges and succeed in various aspects of life. Confidence is a key ingredient for personal growth and a positive outlook on the future.

Enhancing Social Integration: Qualifications open doors to a world of opportunities. Students can interact with their peers, teachers, and the wider community by participating in qualification-based programs. This social integration fosters inclusivity, understanding, and mutual respect, promoting a harmonious and accepting society.

Promoting Individual Progress: Every student has unique talents and abilities, and achieving qualifications acknowledges and cultivates these individual strengths. By tailoring educational programs to suit specific needs, we encourage personal growth and enable students to excel in their areas of interest.

Enabling Transition to Adulthood: High school is a crucial phase for students as they prepare for the transition to adulthood. Qualifications provide a solid foundation for this journey by equipping students with the necessary academic, vocational, and life skills required to navigate the challenges of independent living, employment, and further education.


1. What is the main difference between the NIOS and NWAC qualifications for our learners with special needs?

The NWAC curriculum is designed in consideration of special needs learning. The American education system has the option for personalising the curriculum and assessments based on the learner’s strengths and interests. Hence, it is much easier for a special needs learner to undertake and pass the exam stress-free and achieve the qualification.

2. What are the advantages of NWAC over NIOS?

The NWAC qualification is an internationally accredited and globally recognised American govt. approved qualification. In India, a student with an NWAC qualification receives an equivalency certificate from the AIU, and this is accepted for higher education in all the universities in India. Globally, NWAC qualification has seamless acceptance without any need for equivalency.

NIOS is an open schooling system offered within India. Students with NIOS qualifications are often required to take parallel qualifications to be considered for admission to universities worldwide. This aspect becomes a roadblock to serving the purpose of progression to higher education.

3. Do you offer NIOS qualifications?

We do not offer NIOS. However, NWAC is an alternative option to NIOS. At SASE, we have chosen NWAC over NIOS for the flexibility, range of subjects to choose from, and ease of personalising curriculum and assessments. Our dedicated team of special educators and mentors understand that every student in this program comes to SASE to achieve the qualification. They are committed to ensuring that students gain confidence, resilience and pass the examination with ease. So far, our students have achieved a 100% success rate in the examination.

4. What is the application procedure or steps for applying?

You can contact our counsellors at SASE via email or telephone, and they will guide you through the process. Students and parents can apply in person at our campus or online.

5. When can the student take the examination?

With the NWAC board, our students with special needs can take up the On-Demand examinations. This offers flexibility and convenience for students seeking to assess their knowledge and progress at their own pace. These examinations allow students to choose the most opportune time to demonstrate their understanding of the material, eliminating the pressure of fixed examination dates. With On-Demand examinations, students can customise their study schedules and focus on specific subjects or areas they need to strengthen. This approach promotes individualised learning and encourages students to take ownership of their education.

6. What if my child experiences academic challenges or encounters difficulties during their examinations?

If this happens, your child can take up the subsequent on-demand examination and complete the assessments.

7. Will my child get any guidance from SASE after they have received their qualification?

We are committed to providing ongoing support to our students even after they have received their qualifications. Our support extends to them applying for the AIUE quivalency certificate, receiving the certificate, and other documents they may need to further their education.