Nishita Israni

Nishita Israni

Nishita is a passionate educator who has had the privilege of teaching across India and Singapore in International Schools for the last 18 years.

Her personal philosophy has been that of imparting holistic education fortified with leadership skills and value based education while keeping a firm focus on facilitating conceptual understanding and academic excellence. She is committed to being a lifelong learner and enjoys learning more about Early Childhood Education and care, teacher education and Educational leadership.

She has taken her studies of Finnish ECEC and has adopted the best practices  in the areas of Pedagogical leadership, teacher pedagogical knowledge and training spanning pre and in-service training as well as constructing workshops based on Play-based Learning and Special Education Needs and Training.

Nishita was a teacher and mentor at the Indus Training and Research Institute here in Bangalore and prior to that was the Head of Centre at one of the Indus Early learning Centre’s. As well as educating children she loves to be given the opportunity to conduct collaborative parent and teacher workshops where she takes pleasure in teaching educational, pedagogical and leadership programmes.

Nishita has brought nearly twenty years of teaching experience and imparted her valuable pedagogical knowledge to our curriculum.